Sunday, October 31, 2010

Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Brooklyn Bridge at Night

With hubby's co workers, we made our way to the Liberty Island. The ferry dock is just around the corner from our apartment. We came in very early to avoid the lines. Security is very tight there so bring only the absolute necessities, if you can.

Our first stop was Lady Liberty, the symbol of America's freedom. I was so excited to go since I had only seen the statue from the dining room of our apartment. We really do have fantastic views in our apartment. Anyway, it's my chance to see her up close. A visit to New York is never complete without saying hello to Lady Liberty.

The statue is smaller than I thought. However, after touring the museum inside the monument and seeing how each piece of the magnificent statue was made, it made me appreciate it more. The craftmanship and techniques used for molding each copper piece requires patience and exact skill. My mouth stayed open just watching the video.

The island itself is small, very charming and I think an excellent location to welcome traders and guests coming in by boat (back in the olden days) to America. Now, lady Liberty welcomes tourists from all over the world, to come see the beauty of New York.

Our next stop was Ellis Island. It's a small Island where pioneers and immigrants from all over the world, dock and register so that they can start a new life in America. The museum is filled with memorabilia, photos and artifacts during those times.

After our tour, we rested up a bit. The Lady Liberty's stairs were too much for two middle-aged couple who's done almose zero exercise. Hubby was too tired and too cranky to walk and explore the city. He slept in the apartment shortly after, me, I still went out and did a bit of shopping. Because it was freezing, I had to buy a new jacket (which turned out to be the only jacket that I have that's warm enough to wear. So all of my pictures, will have me wearing that, ha ha ha).

Come evening, hubby and I made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge. It's best to see it at night, so that you can see the Manhattan Skyline. Pretty nice to look at. Very cold, as you can see, we were so bundled up. I had three layers on, gloves and my recently purchased fluffy jacket.

My fingers almost turned into popsicles. But seeing Manhattan via Brooklyn Bridge at night was priceless!

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