Saturday, October 30, 2010

Republic and Melissa's Cupcakes at Union Square

Another night of food and drinks. This time we went to the area of Union Square, where some of the hippest eats can be found. Most restaurants in Union Square cater to younger crowds since that area is very near NYU.

Butchie took us to Republic, an Asian fusion restaurant located at the heart of Union Square. Republic usually gets full during dinnertime and often has a long line if you come in around 8pm. We were lucky enough to beat the line and got a table just before most of the dinner crowd arrived.

The interiors is very young and hip. The music was too loud though, it's hard to have a decent conversation there. Not suitable for romantic evenings.

To start the evening, we had a round of drinks of beer, White Wine Sangria and Pomegranate Margarita. I had the Pomegranate Margarita which was good but has quite a kick to it.

For dinner, we had the Steamed Seafood Dumplings, with shrimps, squid, scallops, onions and carrots in a peanut sauce. The dumplings were really good, it would have been the bomb if they were steamed a little bit more, to make the wrappers softer. I love the peanut sauce that went with it.

We also had the Grilled Japanese Eggplant. I love this dish, it was smoky and sweet with just the perfect seasoning.

Hubby ordered the Watercress Salad which had bean sprouts and dressed in a sesame ginger dressing. We didn't like this too much. The ginger flavor was quite overwhelming. I think this dish would go very well using a sesame soy dressing instead or that peanut sauce that I loooove so much.

For main course, I had Chicken Lime Soup. Which was so plain. I ended up dunking the noodles in the peanut sauce.

Hubby had the regular Chicken Soup, which was good but not extra ordinary.

Butchie had the Beef Tomato Noodle Soup which turned out a bit salty.

The soups were duds but, I would go back to Republic for the exceptional peanut sauce and the grilled eggplant.

For dessert, we headed off to Melissa's Cupcakes. Melissa's cupcakes are baked small, like bite-sized pieces. Quite pricey but very moist.

I particularly liked the pumpkin, super moist and not too sweet. Love eeeet!


Socky said...

I love this part of NYC!

Leica said...

Me too, so hip :-)