Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mamma Mia on Broadway

A New York experience is never complete without watching a Broadway show. Prior to leaving Manila, everyone that I spoke to said that I MUST (MUST is the word, I tell you) to watch a Broadway show. So many great shows were suggested to me.

We got a lovely treat from my cousin Ate Bambi, not only did she treat us to a sumptuous Thai dinner at Pongsri with a huge spread:

She graciously treated us to Mamma Mia too!

I've watched Mamma Mia on the big screen of course. Hubby is such a fan of Abba and he was jumping for joy when he found out that we would be watching Mamma Mia. The songs there are quite iconic and are widely popular.

Mamma Mia truly delivered! No dull moments and the cast were fantastic. I often find myself singing with the songs (Yes, I am THAT old) He he he.

I'm so glad that we watched this broadway show. Thank you Ate Bambi for an unforgettable experience! :-)

I am currently humming "Mamma Mia, Here I go again! My, my! How can I resist you!" over and over again. Talk about LSS! :-)

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