Monday, September 29, 2008

Saturday Breakfast with Hubby

For the past week, I've been craving for Kopi Bun. Kopi Bun is a soft and airy bread with a coffee flavored "shell". I'm so excited that there's a branch in BF homes that recently opened and I get my Kopi Bun fix whenever I want it. The Kopi Bun though delicious is very high in fat. I know this because when you touch the bottom of the bun, you can feel the butter sticking to your fingers and there's a large gaping hole inside the bun where maybe 4 tablespoons of cold butter was ensconed prior to baking. Hence, the combination of coffee and butter will entice any dieter to forget about dieting and finish at least one bun.

Hubby and I were up early last Saturday, 9:30 a.m. :-) After a quick bath, we proceeded to Kopi Roti and had our fix. Aside from the Kopi Bun, we also had soft boiled eggs mixed with soy sauce (they serve it that way), a mug each of Teh Tarik. Hubby had two Kopi Buns. I wanted to eat two as well but decided to be ladylike and not scarf down another bun.

Weekends are always so jam-packed. It's nice to have a long, unhurried breakfast with hubby once in a while.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday Ashley!

It was Ashley's 2nd birthday party last Sunday. It was held at OLP function room. Close family and friends came over to attend the festivities. It was a fun and happy afternoon for the kids and adults alike :-)

We had the usual birthday staples like spaghetti and cake. We also had some grown-up food like rast pork, grilled liempo, puto from my cousins, fruit salad, ice cream and I made some brownies.

Here's our family picture:

Seems only yesterday when I saw her for the first time, she was so little. Now, look at her, two years old already! Where did the time go?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hubby's Birthday Dinner

Hubby just turned another year old :-) He's none too happy about it but he took me to dinner to celebrate nonetheless.

Hubby chose to dine at The Powerplant at Rockwell, a posh mall that was formerly, yeah you guessed it, a power plant. What was once a wasteland is now a lush and uber sosy compound. We rarely go here since it's a bit out of the way from where we work and from our way home.

I've been meaning to try Pepper Lunch. A Japanese-style steakhouse cum teppanyaki place. I've heard that they have a branch in Singapore but I didn't see it when I travelled there last month.

Anyway, the restaurant is semi-fast food style. It's not cheap so be prepared to shell out a minimum of one thousand bucks when you go there. More if you want to have dessert as well.

The concept is pretty simple. You order the meat of your choice. It comes to you raw on a hot sizzling plate, the sides are wrapped in paper to prevent any splatters as you cook. There's a glob of secret butter sauce on top of your meat and you must mix everything well as soon as it is served to you to make the flavors "melt" together.

I must admit, the meat was pretty damn delicious. Hubby was extremely happy with his order as well. I had the Hitokuchi Cut Steak (P345). Hubby had the Tokusen Rib Eye Steak (P660). We finished every single morsel :-)

Their salads are placed on a frappuccino cup and you have shake shake shake to distribute the dressing all over the salad. Nice idea but the salad itself doesn't get tossed very well. I ordered the Seaweed Salad (P99). I'll skip the salad next time.

Hubby would defenitely want to come back here for the steaks.

For dessert, hubby had a gelato from another restaurant. His flavors? Coffee and bubble gum in a single cup. Eeeewwwwww.

Ok, it was his birthday..let him be gross.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday!

It's hubby's birthday today!

Happy birthday, hubby! Love you!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Family Fun at OLP

Yesterday was a blast. The family spent the whole afternoon at my mom's place. We had tons of food, as usual. Sorry, no pictures :-) I was too busy eating and talking. We did manage to take some photos though.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Old Manila Restaurant

There's a quaint little cafe along dela Rosa Street Makati that hubby and I have been meaning to try called Old Manila Cafe. You can't see it from the street at least you happen to walk by in front of it.

The place is a mom and pop operation that serves Filipino dishes and an assortment of pastries and coffee.

We came for dinner and the place was not full. We ordered just two items on the menu. Kare-kare and the Chef Salad.

The kare-kare was surprisingly good. The taste of the ground peanuts really come out and the tripe is very tender. Hubby and I both loved it and would probably come back just for it.

The place seems to be a meeting place of sorts. People come in in groups, talk and hardly order anything. I personally think it's unfair to the owners. I mean like, there was this group of ten (ok, nine) who came in before us and they just ordered two things and a coffee and stayed even after we left.

Semi Instant Pizza

In a pinch, you can use tortilla as pizza dough, pre-packed pizza sauce, some mozzarella cheese and whatever veggie, ham or grilled leftovers that you can find lurking in your fridge.

Hubby and I love making instant pizza together :-)

Family Lunch at LP

Check out our photos from last Sunday's family gathering: