Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tito Chef Restaurant

Well, hello there! I'm kinda back, not from the dead but, from some sort of "mommyhood". The two punks are always with us on weekends and I am loving the sound of laughter (and sometimes bickering) of little children at home. I've also been in a state of catatonia (errr laziness) on weekdays.

Anyway, I made a lot of food these past few months and I baked a ton. Sorry, I haven't shared them with you lately. I am so behind my food and baking posts. I'm not sure if I should even post them.

I'm just making a quick one today regarding my date night with Hubby last night. Such a rare occasion nowadays. We managed to go home at the same time last night and decided to have dinner at a newly opened restaurant in BF/Tahanan area called Tito Chef. The parking seems to be always full so I guess the food must be good.

For starters we tried the Calamari with Kimchi Mayonnaise. I must say though, despite the "exotic" sounding name, the dish is quite ordinary but not bad. I probably won't be ordering this again, the batter for the calamari was too salty and spicy.

I also tried the Spinach and Raclette Souffle. I really liked the Raclette Sauce. Very nice, well rounded and not too salty (nor smelly).

Hubby ordered the Ox Tongue Bordelaise. The ox tongue was fork tender and the sauce was quite good too. The serving was generous and presented well.

I ordered the Bleu Cheese Alfredo. It was ok, a little on the bland side. It would have been much nicer if more bleu cheese was added. The mushrooms were delicious though.

For dessert, Hubby and I shared a Macha Praline Torte. We both liked this cake. Tito Chef, as far as I have experienced, is the only one serving this type of cake. The cake also has many layers of flavor, all subtle and not overwhelming, which i think is quite important after such a heavy meal.