Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garrett's Popcorn

I've been out exploring again, I went to Macy's to check that place out. They say on their billboards that they are the largest department store in the world. Owws? Bigger than SM? Time to see for myself.

Yup, they are the biggest department store in terms of square footage that I have seen so far. I almost got lost inside. I'm not allowed to take photos inside, but trust me, it's huge. No, I didn't buy anything :-( Hubby warned me already. Haay.....

Anyway, I went around the area as well, went to JC Penny, The Dollar store, saw the United States Post Office and Madison Square Garden. I just realized that I didn't take pictures! Except for this one.

As I was walking, I saw Garrett's Popcorn and couldn't resist buying some. I know that they are famous and was even featured on TV. Garrett's makes their pocorn fresh daily, so you know you are getting a fresh batch every time.

They gave me a sample of their popcorn in a cup. Wow, the sample filled me up already!

I had a small bag each of Caramel Popcorn with Almonds and Caramel Popcorn with Pecans to take back to the apartment and share with hubby. The popcorn looks green here, that's because I only had the Cybershot with me. It doesn't take good pictures under yellow light.

I love Garret's Popcorn!

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