Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joe's Ginger in China Town

As I was exploring Downtown on foot, I became a little bit hungry. I had no idea where to dine since I had no particular plan on exactly where to go ro what to do. I just walked on a whim. Eventually I got hungry. My stomach growled while I was exploring Chinatown. Maybe the smells of the noodles cooking made me hungry. Since I had no idea where to dine, I looked for restaurants with the Zagat rating. Zagat rating is the web's most trusted restaurant reviews (next to this site of course, he he he).

I stumbled upon Joe's Ginger and they had an excellent rating. It was a bit early when I arrived and the lunch crowd hasn't made their way yet.

I always loved Kung Pao Chicken and decided to order some for me and my lonesome.

Well, the look of the dish did not impress me one bit. The taste was disappointing too. Manila has really really good Chinese food and Joe's Ginger did not meet my expectation at all. The taste wasn't all that bad but restaurants in Manila can do it way better.

Just sayin'.

Anyway, the place was packed by the time I left. Apparently, people of NYC love going there.

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