Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saigon Grill Vietnamese Cooking and Ferrara Gelato

Union square is popular among locals and tourists alike. Located near NYU, the whole area has a wide variety of "attractions", food kiosks, an open market that sells fresh produce, craft, plants and a whole assortment of goodies.

After hubby's work, Hubby and I decided to go to Union Square to do a bit of browsing and shopping. We checked out some of the stores. We browsed at Whole Foods, an organic supermarket that has fresh produce, breads, pastries, meat and cooked foods is also located at Union Square. The lines are always long though.

Anyway, we had dinner in a nearby restaurant, Saigon Grill Vietnamese Cooking which had a Zagat rating for Excellence. When we are left to our own devices, we like to check out restaurants that has been Zagat rated. Peso to dollar ratio can be quite high so we would like to make sure that we are getting good food with our money.

Saigon Grill is one of the better restaurants that we've eaten at. They provide huge servings and the food were quite good. Every thing that we ordered were good in terms of taste and presentation. We had plenty of leftovers, which I had for lunch the following day :-)

These Chicken Skewers were particularly tender, smoky and over all delicious. The sauce that went with it was great too.

The ambiance was a little hipper than your usual Vietnamese resto, this is probably due to the fact that the restaurant is located at Union Square where students and yuppies (and the young at heart) usually frequent. As such, most dishes are quite affordable.

As you can probably tell, this is a super late post. I would normally write a draft or a short summary after our little "outings" and just fill in the rest of the details when I have more time or when I have reviewed the photos to refresh my memory. Looking back at my posts (while uploading photos), I probably switched the dates on the previous posts, buy hey, I blame jet lag and exhaustion :-) Just a little backgrounder on why sometimes my posts seems jumbled up and make no sense at all. Ha ha ha.

Anyhoo, after Saigon Grill, I dragged hubby to the subway again and took him to Ferrara. Ferrara is a famous dessert and gelato place in Little Italy. The Ice Cream Monster usually demands some gelato or ice cream after dinner and as his "reward" for walking and commuting (oh how he loves to drive everywhere). Hubby and walking usually don't mix and the former usually gets grumpier the longer he walks. To appease him, we buy gelato and some pastries all is well in the world :-)

Yes, the gelato was served this way ;-)

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