Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ichiro Sushi

October 26, 2010

Ichiro is a favorite Japanese restaurant of my cousin Butchie and his friend Fanny. I met Fanny through my cousin Butchie, via Facebook and we've been exchanging posts and comments long before we met last night. So, when we finally met, we already felt so comfortable with each other.

Fanny invited us to Ichiro as a birthday treat for Butchie and me, who both celebrated out respective birthdays this month. I only knew about Ichiro through conversaions shared by Butchie and myself. I know the restaurant would be excellent even before dining there. (Hubby's the photographer, that's why he's not in the photo)

For starters, we had two kinds of salads. The first one is the Green Seaweed Salad, which became an instant favorite. None of us has tried anything like this before. The Seaweed salad has a similar texture to a Jellyfish salad (which is also a form of seaweed by the way) but thinner and more delicious. The green sea weed salad is served cold, a little sweet with just a hint of sesame oil. Very tasty.

We then ordered the Crispy Salmon Skin Salad, which is Butchie's favorite as well. Crispy salmon skin strips, served over a bed of greens and drizzled with a Japanese dressing. Yummy too, not too fsihy or malansa. I hate eating fried salmon that's malansa. This was not malansa at all.

We then had three kinds of Sushi Roll served on a giant platter, beautifully presented. Tiger Roll, Dragon Roll and Sex on the Beach. I like them all, my favorite thugh is the one in the middle, Dragon Roll with avocados and salmon.

We also had the Sushi Platter, which were so fresh and luxurious. I've never, never, had sushi this fresh nor delicious before. They're so fresh, they just simply melt in your mouth.

The Sushi platter was so good, we ordered another one. Such a beautiful presentation!

What I like about Ichiro, is that each dish is presented in a different way, every time, there is no single look to a dish. Look, second order of Tiger Roll. So pretty!

The Green Tea ice cream is also to die for! The taste of green tea really comes out.

This restaurant was so good, if you're in New York City, go drop by. Hubby was in Japanese restaurant heaven! :-)

1694 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10128

Thanks Fanny for an excellent dinner!