Monday, October 25, 2010

Junior's Cheesecake, Mariella Pizza and Grom Gelato

A visit to New York City is never complete without visiting some of their famous eats.

We arrived at Times Square and took in the lights, even though it was daytime, took a quick stroll in the theater areas and took lots and lots of photos.

Look at Toys 'R Us, a ferris wheel inside!

After a few photos, we saw Junior's Cheesecake. Junior's is legendary for their huge servings of cheesecake. This is a slice that all three of us shared after a walk in Times Square. We had leftovers pa.

Our ultimate culinary destination though is Mariella Pizza. Oprah's favorite pizza place. The whole pizza is under $20 bucks! not bad.

The white cheese pizza is their best seller, with fresh ricotta on top. The plain one is good too, I kinda like that one better.

For dessert, we walked thousands of blocks away to Grom, Italian Gelato place which is quite a long walk for two people who are seriously jetlagged. The gelato was great! Hubby said he'll come back (if he ever found the energy to walk that far, ha ha ha) We'll take the subway probably.

Last stop was Central Park, but we were seriously jetlagged and didn't have the energy to explore the park yet. I fell asleep on the bench, hubby was tired and getting cranky already. Pictures next time when we have rested up a bit :-)


ericbau said...

The one Times Square shot I have would be in front of a building matching my shirt... what are the odds of that?!? :)

Leica said...

That means, you belong! LOL!