Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was walking around Times Square, looking for that iconic McDonald's store. As I was happily getting lost, I saw Applebee's, it was still quite early but I decided to have lunch anyway. To avoid the lines, if any. That's what I noticed here in NYC, most restaurants have lines during lunch and dinner time.

Applebee's is also an American icon in its own right. The food is slightly pricier than McDonald's but I'm always up for new American culinary adventures.

I ordered Steaks and Portobellos, flame grilled sirloin steak topped with sliced portobello mushrooms and a savory brown sauce, paired with steamed potatoes and broccoli. The good thing is, the whole shebang is only 399 calories!

The steak was so tender, despite it being medium well, and the brown sauce was good too.

I don't love Applebee's but I like it enough to eat there again someday.

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