Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hop Kee Chinese Restaurant -Chinatown, NYC

Hop Kee was our destination after our shoping spree at Woodbury commons and we did have some appetite after our retail theraphy.

Hop Kee Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown is very famous among the Filipino community in New York and New Jersey. So famous in fact that the Chinese waiters even speak Tagalog!

We ordered so many things, my favorites are the squid and the snails :-) I love the sauce on the snails. It's great to make "simot" with the rice :-)

The fried chicken was unique too and quite tasty. It's not your usual fried chicken, they added some sort of marinate to it before frying which made it so juicy.

(Hubby's the photographer that's why he's not in this photo)

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