Monday, November 8, 2010

Cha Chan Tang Bubble Tea, Chinatown NYC

After dinner at Hop Kee, our family wanted to have ice cream at the Chinese Ice Cream Factory but it was already late and they just closed for the day!

We saw a Bubble Tea restaurant nearby and decided to try it out instead. The restaurant is called Cha Chan Tang.

The interior of the restaurant was quite nice and hip. Check out the cup and saucer wall!

The wallpaper's a photo of a typical busy street in Hong Kong.

There are mock windows on one of the walls that house flat screen TVs that feature videos of a typical Hong Kong street, with double deck buses and stuff. The mock windows were made to make you feel like looking out a window in the streets of Hong Kong. Sorry, the lady on the left blocked the images.

Hubby and I had the Jasmine Taro Green Tea with Bubble. Bubble is "sago" it turned out. Our order wasn't quite the lovely combination that we had hoped. Yuck!

Cha CHan Tang also offers other savory dishes though. I'm not sure if they're any good since we only tried the bubble tea.

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