Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sixth and Seventh Days in Singapore - The Changi Experience

After a long day, we make our way to the airport. Our flight is not until the following afternoon.

Hubby and I felt that the US$150 that we will shell out for an extra night at The Gallery Hotel is not worth the money. Despite Filipino speaking staff, we felt our money will be better spent on something else (my shoes, for instance, he! he! he!). The service at the hotel is not very good and the location is even worse. We canceled our extra night a few days before and as we leave the hotel, we brace ourselves for a long night ahead.

We have read that Changi is not a bad place to spend the night. Hubby and I were up for an adventure, I guess.

We didn't have our boarding passes yet since our flight is on following afternoon. Changi has a public area where people can wait and chill. It's got a small shopping area, 24 hour Starbucks, McDonald's, Burger King and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf so you won't get hungry. There are plenty of seats too although they're not padded and certainly not made for lounging or sleeping.

After grabbing dinner at McDonald's, we spent the wee hours of the morning curled up in the padded armchairs of Starbucks. There's quite a number of people spending the night at the airport, some were even brave enough to sleep (as in lying down) on the coffee shops' couches. It's not the same as spending the night at the hotel but at least there's plenty of food, drinking fountains and there are very clean toilets for you to use.

The only thing that kept me sane in those hours is my Harry Potter Book 7. It kept me entertained for a few hours. Hubby kept himself busy with a sudoku puzzle book. He must have filled up half of that book! By 7am hubby and I both crashed and fell asleep in armchairs (in another coffee shop). Hubby's hot chocolate lay untouched on our table. None of our belongings were stolen since Changi is very safe and we kept our valuables close/tied to some part of our body. Hubby's laptop was half slung on his arm and I wrapped my purse in a small towel and used it as a pillow. I woke up with towel marks on my face, yikes! I don't think anyone was eager to steal our heavy and beat up suitcases when there are other better looking suitcases around :-)

Now, I wouldn't recommend this to everybody but it is bearable as long as you keep yourself entertained and you find yourself a cozy nook to curl up to.

When our flight was called for check-in, we were relieved. The passenger area of Changi is much more comfy. The seats are padded, more choices for food, more shopping (if you haven't shopped enough) and you can see the planes already. One step closer to home.

Thankfully, our flight left on time. Unfortunately, our plane ride home was very turbulent. So turbulent that both hubby and I got airsick. Hubby never gets airsick! Ugh! What a nightmare.

Fortunately, we landed safely. Home at last!

After being sleep deprived for so long, Hubby and I slept 10 hours straight in our own comfy and big bed. Sheer bliss :-)


Random Possum said...

i must say that my feet are itching...now i wanna go to Singapore!

The Home Cook said...

Wow...sounds like quite the adventure! I'm glad you guys made it home safely but that's unfortunate that you both got sick. I'm sure your own bed was quite comfortable after that experience!

Leica said...

Singapore is a great place for a vacation. The city certainly is interesting and if you want to feel sea breeze on your face, Sentosa is just a few MRT stations away.

After a week though, I was pretty glad to be home :-) I missed sleeping in our own bed.

Hubby and I managed our airsickness on the plane. But it was quite uncomfortable for hubby and I felt like my head was going to explode! :-)

Socky said...

Hey, what did you get in Ikea?

Leica said...

I got some rugs, a timer (that doesn't work, darn), lemon reamer, towels and some plastic plates, bowl and utensils for the kids (like the ones that you have in LP), plastic bag organizers (for pasalubong to mom and my mom in law), a small tray and a stainless steel utensil holder. Not much but I was itching to buy some more stuff. Everything was so cheap (but bulky and heavy)!

ericbau said...

Singapore, look out! We shall return!