Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Plane Ride

For someone who's so queasy when flying, I love to travel whenever I can. Flying is just a necessary evil to reach my destination. Hubby suggested that I fly on an empty stomach and it might help. No idea what's the science behind it, but it worked. I didn't feel nauseous and dizzy as I used to before, despite waking up at an ungodly hour and having less than one hour's sleep!

Maybe because we flew via Philippine Air Lines (PAL). The flight was smooth and turbulence free. Yipee!

The plane food also improved compared to the last few times that we flied. Hey, it's not gourmet or anything but it was ok. They served boneless na bangus with fluffy scrambled egg, rice, wilted tomato, green beans, ensaymada, bread with butter and jam and a bowl of prunes, pear and peach. Hubby got the beef tapa. The bangus was better.

We touched down very smoothly. PAL pilots rock!


Random Possum said...

...and the adventure begins

i cant wait to see the pictures :-)

The Home Cook said...

Wow...they still serve food on flights? I had no idea airlines were still doing that anywhere. I miss airline food...even if it was crappy at least it was something.