Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Fifth Day In Singapore- Ikea, Smith Street and Ice Cream Treats

I've read in the paper that Ikea was having a clearance sale and this day was it's first day. I left the hotel early and made my way via cab to the Alexandria branch. Cab ride took about 20 minutes.

Upon entering the store, I felt like I was in a homemaker's paradise. Oh my golly, I wanted to buy everything. But of course, I only settled with a few items since I can't possibly fit everything in our suitcase. I could stay there the whole day. Shelves, beds, tables, sofas they were all on sale some were even at 70% off. Hey, Ikea guys, please open a branch in Manila!

Much as I would love to stay there the whole day and drool. I had to go back to the hotel, unload my parcels and have a quick lunch.

I found myself having lunch at the Central Mall foodcourt again since it's near our hotel and it's the most convenient. I just ordered the Sweet & Sour Pork for SGD4. Not bad. Sweet and tangy.

For dinner, hubby and I went to Smith Street in Chinatown. Hubby hasn't been there yet and I wanted to show him. He wasn't too keen about going there since the locals told him that Chinatown in Manila is much more authentic. But I managed to convince him to check it out nonetheless.

Hubby was pleasantly surprised that the MRT exit is right in the middle of Pagoda Street. Colorful lanterns and buildings provide eye candy as soon as you emerge from the escalator.

But the main thing that caught hubby's attention was this ice cream cart manned by a charming old man. The ice cream is sliced from a big block and placed inside a bread bun, like a sandwich and it's just SGD1!

After browsing through the stalls for a while, hubby made our way to Smith street and got our hands on some traditional street food. Hubby was just bursting with excitement. He loves street food too. Sio Mai is always a favorite, regardless of what what country we're in. Hubby just couldn't resist buying some. And they were just absolutely delicious. And for just SGD2, they don't scrimp on the pork and the shrimps inside the flavorful dumpling. A must try when you're in Smith Street.

Another stall that sells traditional Toechew, Ngoh Hiang and Prawn Fritters caught hubby's eye. We grabbed a few items from a smorgasboard of squid balls, tofu, prawn fitters, lumpia and kikiam looking stuff. Each item costs between SGD1 to SGD3. They were good too. And if you want noodles with that, it's just an extra SGD2. Yummy!

Tired and full from out Chinatown adventure, we made our way back to the hotel via MRT. As usual we pass by Clarke Quay again. We wanted to have something sweet before going to bed. We saw a Turkish Ice Cream stand and our curiosity got the better of us. The Ice cream is "scooped" using a large, heavy flat and long spoon. Hubby ordered the big cup, I had a small cone.

The ice cream is very creamy and "stretchy" (like mozzarella) and it had some spice in it that we couldn't figure out. We asked the scooper guy but he said he didn't speak English but we felt that he just wasn't happy to tell us what it was. Another mus try when you're in Clark Quay. Cone costs SGD4, Cup SGD6. Great deal for something cool, delicious, creamy and unusual.

After the ice cream, hubby and I stopped by a nearby supermarket and bought some blueberries. I hate to say it but this is the first time for me to eat fresh blueberries. They turned my tongue blue!

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ericbau said...

The ice cream on bread concoction in Chinatown can certainly hold itself up to competition with our local "dirty" ice cream on bread. Most unusual is the Turkish ice cream. I swear, its stretchy enough to make ice cream pizza!