Saturday, July 14, 2007

48 Cupcakes

There are some days that I'm seriously addicted to baking. Yesterday, I had the urge to spend some time in the kitchen and mix up some batter. I ended up baking 24 chocolate chip cupcakes and 24 strawberry cupcakes. The chocolate chip cupcakes are made from your standard chocolate cupcake batter plus some chocolate chips, the strawberry cupcake is your standard vanilla cupcake batter plus a couple tablespoons of strawberry jam (without pulp).

I cheated a little on the frostings though. I made a batch of swiss meringue and added melted chocolate to half of it and some strawberry jam to the rest.

The chocolate chip cupcake was the winner between the two cupcakes. Chocolate always wins :-)

The strawberry cupcake needed more sweetness and the frosting some fresh strawberries. Sadly, strawberries are out of season now so I just made do with the plain swiss meringue icing with strawberry jam instead. They look so girly girly. Pink cupcakes with pink frosting on a pink cake stand.

Barbie moment!


The Home Cook said...

You're killing me with all these cupcake posts! I have a serious addiction to cake/cupcakes and this isn't helping. :)

Leica said...

Thanks! I have the worst sweet tooth ever, that's why I had to learn how to bake :-)