Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Sixth Day in Singapore-Snow City, Ikea, Sentosa

Last day. Full free day for hubby. No work, just play.

We check out from our hotel and leave our suitcases at the concierge while we see the sights.

First stop, Snow City. For people living in Asia, like us, snow is but a distant dream. We knoew that Singapore has a facility that has "real" snow. Since we have no such facility in Manila, we wanted to go and see for ourselves. We hop on the MRT and alight at the Jurong East Station. After that we took the 335 bus to Snow City. It was closed for lunch, darn. We had to wait 1 hour to get inside the snow slopes.

We rest for a while and have a quick lunch at the adjoining Science Center. We had Biryani set with beef, a chicken dish (which I forgot the name) with a side dish of spinach fritata and some chicken satay. All nice but not spectacular, bit too spicy.

After our meal, we make our way back to Snow City. Entrance fee is SGD12 including boots and jackets. Water proof pants and gloves cost extra. Ambient temperature inside the facility is minus 7 degrees. I never felt so cold in my life! It was a weekend and there were a lot of families wanting to go tubing down the slopes. We had to fall in line and wait our turn. While waiting, I thought my nose and legs would freeze off! Jeans are not very suitable for cold weather :-)

Going down the slope is so much fun! Hubby and I wanted to go again but we have a lot planned for the day. You're not allowed to bring a camera inside. Staff members will take your pictures and you purchase them for SGD10 each.

Next stop, Ikea again. Hubby wanted to see for himself what the store's offering. Hubby and I were both very disappointed that we couldn't bring home the shelves and cabinets that we liked. They were just too heavy and Ikea doesn't ship outside Singapore.

After spending way too much shopping and browsing at Ikea, we go directly to Vivo City mall (parcels and all). Vivo city is such a nice mall. They have wading pools on the top floor for the kids to play in, and it's open air, sort of like a park. Cool! Wish we had more time to explore. We score our Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix book here at Page One Bookstore, since I couldn't wait to read it despite that fact that we have one reserved to us back in Manila. My hands were itching to open the pages.

After purchasing our book, we proceeded to buying tickets for Sentosa. We opted to take the train instead of the cable car because it's faster and cheaper. Train ride with entrance fee is SGD4, cable car is SGD15 per person. The train ride was fun and interesting. It goes over the water so it's not boring and it's just a short ride anyway.

Upon reachiong Sentosa, we immediately bought tickets for the Songs of the Sea show. It's a musical fountain right there in the ocean. It had rave reviews from hubby's friends and co-workers so he was pretty insistent that we see that.

Since we didn't have a lot of time nor energy to explore the island, we hopped on a tram and contented ourselves by "exploring" it through the 20-minute tram ride around the island.

Sentosa is pretty nice. It's a beach getaway that's very close to the city. It's got two hotels, an aquarium called Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon (which we both sadly didn't have the time to see), Luge and Skyride, 4D theater, a bevy of resorts and golf courses. I wish we could have gone here on our first day so that we had more time. Oh well, maybe next time.

After our little sightseeing, we got into the Songs of the Sea "coliseum". It's an open coliseum facing the ocean. The Song of the Sea is a show that brings live cast and dramatic effects using pyrotechnics, water jets, lasers, flame bursts, music and computer imaging projected on the mists created by the water jets. Such a spectacular show with great sound and visual effects.

If you are in Sentosa, never ever miss this show and come early so that you get the best seats. Tickets cost SGD6 per person. Showtimes are at 7:40PM and 8:40PM daily.

Long day for hubby and me. Yet, we still had to walk back to our hotel, get our suitcases and go to the airport.

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