Monday, July 30, 2007

Third Day in Singapore - Orchard Road, Funan Square, Clarke Quay

I was left to my own devices again. Hubby's off to work and I'm off to Orchard Road, the shopping mecca of Singapore. I wasn't really planning on shopping but I wanted to see the famous road nonetheless. I opted to take a cab this time since my muscles are still sore from the previous day's long walk.

Oh boy, cabs in Singapore are much more expensive than Manila. Way more. But I was glad that I didn't have to walk going to the MRT station.

I was very pleased with the shops along Orchard road. Everything was on sale! I started from Centerpoint Mall up to Tang Plaza. Our vacation/business trip was in time for the Great Singapore Sale. It's such a shame that I'm on a tight budget :-(

One thing that I've noticed in Singapore is that the shoe selection (heels and pumps) is fabulous! I know a lot of my friends would love to buy several pairs of shoes. I resisted buying a pair since I'm at home most of the time and I already have some heeled shoes that lie unused in my cabinet. Although some shoes were screaming my name :-)

As I happily walk along Orchard Road, I came upon a row restaurants street hawkers' style. Wow! I was very excited. I've been wanting to try Laksa, a local noodle dish.

As I set foot inside the collection of stalls, it rained really really hard. It was as if the clouds were waiting for me to seek shelter before unleashing it's heavy burden! I had no complaints since I had a bowl shrimp Laksa waiting for me at the counter. As expected, the broth was spicy but flavorful. It had some vegetables, noodles and tofu in it. Interesting albeit a bit spicy for my taste. The laksa was just SGD4!

Mynah birds are like the brown sparrows back home, they're everywhere. This mynah even decided to have some Laksa too.

After the rain let up, I went on with my leisurely walk. Singapore I think is like the New York of Asia in a way. Everywhere you look, people of different race, color, and nationalities walk its tree lined streets. Very nice and comforting. It is a small world after all and every citizen of the world seems to converge in this little country.

After a few hours of walking, I make my way to the nearest MRT station and proceeded to go back to the hotel to rest, freshen up and meet hubby for dinner.

And a long walk it was. This time though, I really enjoyed my walk. After alighting at the Central station, (the nearest MRT in our hotel), I decide to buy some Indian pastry (which I forgot the name) with a chicken curry filling to be eaten at the hotel while waiting for hubby.

As I walk and admire the views from the river bank leading to our hotel, I decided to check out Clarke Quay since it was on the way. It's a very colorful "mall" or group of high end restaurants clustered along the river bank. A pastry shop caught my eye, Nectarie. The Tiramisu looked absolutely delicious and since I have not baked for the past few days, I was craving for sweets. The Tiramisu was very light and absolutely divine. That's the best SGD8 (P180) that I've spent today. Yummy!

Clarke Quay is a very interesting place. Here's a picture of me by the fountain. The holes that you see on the posts are allow fresh air to circulate within it's streets. Huge umbrella-like canopies protect the people from getting wet when it rains yet allow natural sunlight and/or moonlight to shrine through. Very ingenious. Maybe they should do that in Greenbelt Mall. Just an idea :-)

When hubby finally came to the hotel, he informed me that he wanted to go to Funan Square and check out the electronics. It's a bit far from the hotel but still within walking distance (if you're planning to join a walkathon, he he he). Took us over half an hour to look for it while getting lost a few times. All part of the adventure, I guess. When we got there, I saw a bookstore that has the Harry Potter 7 book in chains. I wanted to rip out the chains and read it already. Grrr... a few more days before the box is unleashed :-)

Most of the shops in Funan Square closed early and we were not able to buy electronics. Hubby was a bit disappointed. Yeah, major let down for an IT (information Technology) guy :-) Poor baby, he wasn't able to buy some toys.

Dinner was at Clark Quay since it was on our way to the hotel. We wanted to eat somewhere nice and unusual and we chose Marrakesh. The place was nice and comfy.

Here's hubby and moi in our little table.

The food isn't particularly good though. We were sorely disappointed. We had a seafood platter of fish kebab, prawn kebab, hummus, moutabel, olive chermouleh and Arabic salad grill and Dolma, vine leaves rolled with herbed rice, pine nuts and Arabic spices. Yuck! If you're in Clarke Quay, don't waste your money eating there.

After our disastrous dinner, I told hubby about the dessert place, Nectarie. He was game and wanted to eat the Tiramisu too. Unfortunately, the Tiramisu was sold out when we got there. We decided to try the Chicago cheesecake and the Jack Daniel's ice cream instead.

The Chicago cheesecake probably got it's name because the cake itself is like the Chicago deep-dish pizza in terms of thickness. It was very thick and very very delicious. Not too sweet yet it melts slowly in your mouth. Yum with a capital "Y"!

The Jack Daniel's ice cream is the shop's specialty and it was absolutely delicious. There is just the perfect amount of Jack Daniel's in the home-made vanilla ice cream.

The desserts from Nectarie and our moonlit walk by the river certainly made our night.

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