Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Gallery Hotel

We are staying at The Gallery Hotel at Nanson Road. It overlooks the river and is located very near hubby's Singapore business office. We're quite far from Orchard Road, darn! Our hotel is near the new Clark Quay Mall and Central Mall so it ain't that bad. The nearest MRT station is about a 2-kilometer walk, per way. Oh boy!

We were booked at one of the suites. The room has been provided with your standard toiletries and towels, sewing kit, hairbrush, complimentary bar, coffee and tea making facilities, ironing facilities, plasma TV and there's underfoot lighting that automatically lights up when you get up at night, cool!

Bathroom's quite small though, there's a step-up tub, I mean really step up, I think it was made for people over 6 feet tall. I feel that I'm going to fall over every time I get out of it. No bidet but water pressure on everything is great, hot water. The bathroom is enclosed in frosted glass. It's nice but there's any hardly privacy when you're staying with a friend. The frosted glass wall that you see in the picture is the bathroom wall.

The best part is the king-sized bed with a firm mattress. The bed has industrial wheels under them, cute but We've never tried pushing it around, yet.

The hotel also has a pool, spa and several restaurants (which we haven't explored yet), gym, and free internet access in all of the rooms and free use of computer at the lobby.

My only complain aside from the long walk from the MRT station is that the lighting in the closet area is highly inadequate. It's dim and I often find myself fumbling in the dark while browsing inside my suitcase looking for stuff.


The Home Cook said...

Underfoot lighting for when you get up in the middle of the night!? I LOVE that idea! I wish hotels in the US had that!

Leica said...

Yeah, it's really great. Wish we had one at home too :-)

ericbau said...

The room was very functional and well laid out, if not very spacious. No "traditional" hotel room stuff here, all touches were distinctly modern and efficient. This includes the free foldable hair brush which is part of the vanity kit. It rocks, folks! And check out the external appearance of the building in their website!

I just wish that Gallery Hotel were up to snuff in their maintenance of the electronic lighting controls (some of our lights did not turn on at all) and in their housekeeping staff (who "forget" to refill the complimentary mini-bar each day). Grrr...