Monday, July 30, 2007

Fourth Day in Singapore - Plaza Singapura, Chili Crabs and Central

Another cloudy day in Singapore. Which is perfect walking weather in my book.

My first order of the day, Plaza Singapura. One of the biggest malls along Orchard Road and it's got an MRT station right under it. I took a cab going there to save time.

The mall is very nice and upscale. It's got your standard signature shops, bookstore, supermarket and a movie theater. Since I wasn't planning on shopping anyway, I decided to watch the Harry Potter Order of the Phoenix movie. It's my very first time to watch a movie outside Manila. I wondered what it would be like.

They have a slightly different movie set-up. First, several theaters are clustered in one area, one entrance. Second, the movie houses are smaller than what we have in Manila. Third, the seats are fewer and much more comfortable. Fourth, there are no restrooms inside the theater, which is not very comforting if you've downed several sodas throughout the movie.

After watching the movie, I feel a bit cheated because a lot of the important scenes from the book were omitted. I felt Ron and Hermione played very minor roles in this screen adaptation. The fight scene at the Ministry of Magic was disappointing since it was way too short and a lot of the details were not included (like that brain thingy that got Ron in the book). Overall, I liked the movie anyway since Daniel Radcliffe is in almost all the frames :-) He's so cute with those big blue eyes of his :-)

After watching the movie, I make my way to China Town again via MRT this time. I've been wanting to try out Singapore's chili crab. I chose a restaurant where a lot of locals and foreigners converge and eat. There's no graceful way to eat crabs. Just dig in with your hands. People may look at you funny but what the heck! That's what wet towels are for anyway.

I was a bit disappointed with my crab. It's not as sweet and succulent as Philippine crabs. And it costs SGD26 (P780)! I could get 4 large fresh crabs in Manila for that amount! Ayayay.

After my crab experience, I went back to the hotel.

Despite the long walk from the MRT station to our hotel, I find myself enjoying the walk particularly because the scenery is just beautiful. I wish we had riverbank like this in Manila where everything is clean, orderly and quiet.

Dinnertime with hubby was at the foodcourt in the nearby Central Mall. We had some grilled duck and pork and asado. The food was good, yet cheap. Much better bang for your buck, so to speak.

The food court ain't bad looking too. Some tables even overlook the river.

For dessert, hubby was drawn to the multi-colored sago-type looking things. We later learned that they were called Mango Sago, Fruit Combo Sago and a drink called Teh Si. The sago desserts were a bit weird tasting, the mango that they use is ripe Indian Mango and it tastes different than our local mangoes. Ours is way better. The Teh Si is like Teh Tarik but made with Jasmine tea. Not a very nice combination in my opinion.

On our walk home, we decided to have a picture taken at this psychedelic bridge just a stone's throw away from our hotel.

During daytime, the bridge resembles multi-colored toy balloons!

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