Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Joy of being Joy

I met my college friend Joy the other day. I got a very special news from her, she's expecting her second child and I'm to be godmother. I was so happy for her and wanted to congratulate her in person. I met her her office building for lunch so that we can have a longer conversation.

She's a wonderful friend. Always laughing and always always in a good mood no matter what. I love being around her. Her laughter is just contagious and I can be myself around her. No subject is taboo, no poise needed and certainly no pretensions allowed. I could swear like a truck driver, laugh like a hyena and be unladylike all I want and it will only make her laugh some more.

I wish all of us can be like her...accepting, simple, cheerful and always laughing. Ah, the joy of being Joy.


The Home Cook said...

Awww...congrats to your friend! I hope she has a happy and healthy pregnanct. :)

Leica said...