Thursday, July 5, 2007

Unearthing a Family Treasure

Sunday lunch at LP again. The family converged in our second home to stuff ourselves silly.

For this particular Sunday, I was assigned by my mother to make the pasta on site. She had some kielbasa and ham that she wanted to make into a pasta sauce. It was simple and easy. Hubby helped me a bit with the cooking. I thought I will never see the day! I took a picture to make sure that I did not dream it in my head. Here he is, frying the kielbasa.

We had a bunch of other stuff too. We had siomai, lechon manok and for dessert, fried suman, mangoes and bananas dipped in chocolate fondue. All were cooked, heated on site and served straight from the stove top. Hence, the lack of food pictures. I do have pictures of the kids. Some were taken by my 4 year old nephew Jay-jay:

As we were devouring the food, my mom produced these crumpled and stained pieces of paper. She excitedly told us that she found Tita Dody's recipes for Hungarian Goulash, Braised Beef and an assortment of orzo recipes. The Hungarian Goulash had about 300 ingredients in it :-). Just kidding. Mom raved about how delicious it was when Tita Dody made it during my mom's trip to New Jersey.

I was expected to make it one of these days and serve it to the family. Tall order, Tita Dody inherited my grandmother's flair in the kitchen. I hope I can measure up.


P said...

OMG ashley has hair now!!! you're all looking good. missing the kids. rama would've raved about the suman!

Leica said...

Thanks! Yeah, the kids are growing up fast. Wish Rama was there.