Friday, June 1, 2007

Tom Who?

Tomyao. It sounds like a basketballer's name or a cat's meow. But it's actually an edible weed of some sort. I found this curious weed from the salad department of my favorite grocery store. I felt curious of what it was and what it would taste like. The name alone caught my attention. I thought it would go well with tomatoes and kesong puti but I changed my mind at the last minute because hubby hates white cheeses like kesong puti and feta.

I instead added this curious weed into a salad mix of assorted lettuce, tomatoes and shaved carrots with a wasabi dressing (on the side). It tastes surprisingly like alfalfa but a little different in texture. It's a bit harder and it has a sweet tangy taste when you bite into it.

As we eat it, I know it would go well with Asian noodles in peanut sauce. Yum!

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ericbau said...

First time I've eaten something named Tom...