Monday, May 28, 2007

Food, Facial, Fedi, Firates and Fancy Free

Last Saturday, hubby and I embarked on a day of beautification. We both had facials and pedicures. We would have gotten manicures too if we had more time. Hubby had a haircut and his back cleaned which we nicknamed, "backcial" (a back "facial"). I got a lot of massages from hubby too. Sheer bliss.

I remember the first time hubby had a facial and a pedicure, I had to coerce him to try them at least once. A lot of straight men do it for crying out loud. From then on, we often have facials and pedicures together. Here he is having a pedicure at our favorite neighborhood beauty parlor (pictured below). When I go to the beauty parlor alone, the attendants would often as me, "Ma'am, si Sir hindi nyo kasama?"

We had lunch at Sai-Bachi in Festival Mall. It's a cheap Japanese restaurant that has decent food. A bento box of shrimp and vegetable tempura, california maki, rice and sukiyaki costs only P199. Not bad. Just don't expect the food to be exceptionally good.

Of course, hubby had to order the futomaki. A staple order in any Japanese restaurant.

For dessert, hubby and I went to Cafe Breton for a mango crepe with manticado ice cream. Comfort food!

On Sunday, we also got to watch the Pirates of Caribbean. I didn't understand half of what they were saying (due to the loud sound effects in the background) but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Very action packed. Orlando Bloom is ssoooo cute. I think they left the ending a bit hanging so that they have the option to do another movie later on.

My in-laws as usual treated us to dinner last night and it's in the walang kamatayan na Teriyaki Boy. Ugh! I'm so sick of their food. We always have it every weekend. All their food taste exactly the same to me now. No kidding. We suggested dining in other places but they love it there so we eat there almost every Sunday dinner.

It's a good thing that we did some eating (at Sbarro) and shopping earlier so we already had fun.

I love weekends, these are the days that I have hubby all to myself (well, almost). Sleep late, wake up late, no cooking, no cleaning, just eating, shopping, malling and long massages provided by one obedient husband.

Is it Saturday yet?

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ericbau said...

Wish there were more stress-free days like this! =)