Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day at LP

It’s father’s day. That’s another excuse for our family to go pig out at LP, our second home. Our Sunday family meals recently have been very simple and uncomplicated. What we lack in ultra sophistication (in terms of our meals that is) we make up for quality and quantity.

For this special Sunday, my mom had marinated liempo (country style pork ribs) in soy sauce, calamansi juice, banana catsup, garlic, salt and pepper and then slowly grilled over hot charcoal. Juicy, tender and cooked through. The liempo as expected was a huge hit with everyone. Nothing beats grilled fat in any Filipino diet.

Tita Socky had also asked the maid to grill some whole tilapia for the figure conscious/pretending to eat healthy (but failing miserably)/hypertensive members of the family. The tilapia were juicy and fresh and just perfectly grilled.

As a special treat, we also had bihod. Fish roe sautéed in olive oil, garlic and tomatoes and bird’s eye chili. The delicious bihod was purchased by Tita Socky from the Salcedo Market. I promised myself that I would haul my @$$ off from bed one early Saturday morning and drive there to shop for fresh produce and other rare special goodies.

I brought tofu and had it fried on site and I had made a dipping sauce typically used for Tokwa’t Baboy (Tofu and pork). This one was a special request from hubby. Good thing that everyone liked it too.

And the pièce de résistance, white chocolate with almonds and devil’s food cupcakes that I had painstakingly baked the previous night and the frosting I made early this morning. Needless to say, I was dead tired. So I recruited my nieces Daniele and Nica to help me frost the cupcakes and have some bonding time with them along the way.

Hmm… they seemed to eat more cupcakes than what they had frosted :-)

Tim, didn’t even tried to help. He just wolfed down one cupcake after the next :-)

After all the food that we had ingested, we felt that merienda (Midafternoon snack) was in order. We waited until 3:00pm since it will be that time where hot pan de sal is available in the nearby bakery. Tita Socky had bought these fantastic sausages, called chistorras. The sausages were fried in their own oil until some of it’s own moisture is drawn out and put inside a buttered pan de sal (like palaman). The sausages were sooooo goooooood, perfect balance of salt, sour and wonderful goodness of processed meat :-) Yum! I even tried eating it with rice! Yikes, gluttony alert! Somebody stop me!

Oh, my tummy almost burst with too much food. I couldn’t eat anymore!

Nah, I still had space for dinner with the in-laws :-)


Socky said...

That was awesome pigging out! Didn't have space for dinner at all. Hope to see you at the Salcedo Market soon.

Annie Uy Lasaten said...

Click tlaga ang cupcakes. When we got home they wanted to eat it na but I stopped them, except for Nica who immediately took a bite para di na pwede ibalik.

The next day they were excited to eat it so i gave in but told Tim... wag ka na muna magbaon ksi baka because of the Chocolate kaya ka nasuka. Sabi nya hindi no... sobra lang dami nakain ko kahapon kya 1 lang ibabaon ko pwede yun.

Leica said...

Thanks! I'll bake some more on our next LP pig out. A different cupcake naman.

I've been wanting to try the pritson at Salcedo Market. Hopefully hubby and I can go soon.

ericbau said...

Anybody ever wondered why all of us gain a pound each every Sunday lunch?