Friday, June 1, 2007

A Vietnamese Experience

It was my cousin Annie's birthday (whom we fondly call Buday). As a celebration and reunion of sorts, our former neighbor in LP, Gigie has joined us. It's a threesome of old friends reminiscing about our childhood.

Gigie, fortunately found us on Friendster and was able to communicate with us. Hence, the long awaited reunion. Don't you just love Friendster?

My cousin Buday had chosen the place. Pho Bac in Glorietta. I've never dined there before since I'm not very fond of Vietnamese cuisine. But I was game and would love to eat something different. We settled for the Cambodian and the Saigon noodles plus some spring rolls. I wasn't too impressed with the food. Both the Cambodian and the Saigon tasted the same except the Cambodian had salami and squid balls in their broth, that's it. We thought that all the noodle dishes were all cooked in the same broth and didn't have any distinct differences in them. If you happen to dine there, just get the cheapest noodle, they all taste the same anyway.

(Pictured from top: Cambodian, Spring Rolls, Saigon)

Despite the disappointment in the food. The three of us had a grand time talking about our lives and what has happened between the 15 or so years that we haven't seen Gigie. How time flies, I remember when we were just kids having merienda at lola's dining table, running around the village, climbing roofs and hating the village's resident bad boy who punctured our Barbie dolls' eyes. Now all of us are married, both of them have kids and we're all grown-ups! We now have responsibilities and bills to pay. None of us really changed much, we were all the same people but with more responsibilities. Beauty pa rin up to now. Well, at least that's what we would like to think :-)

(Gigie, Annie and Moi)

My, my, my it's nice to go back to the time where you had no care in the world, no bills to pay, no meals to plan. Oh, to be a kid again.

Girls, what do you say? Let's revisit our youth again soon?

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