Thursday, June 14, 2007

Bake Masters

Hubby and I were driving along Sucat Road one time and a blue sign caught my attention. We decided to check it out on our way home.

The store is Bake Masters. As its name suggests, it's a supplier for bakery , confectionery, snack and also meat processing ingredients. I was very excited to check it out and buy some goodies.

The store is not swanky like Cooks Exchange but their supplies are much cheaper and they provide more variety. Walnuts sell for almost half the price. They also have macademia nuts, pistachio nuts that have been shelled, pecans, almonds and cashews that are way cheaper than what you would buy in Antipolo or HK. The nuts are refrigerated which is great because they maintain their freshness that way. I'm gonna buy nuts from them from now on.

I was extremely excited to see that they sell premium flour for P30/kilo. That's about P20 cheaper than what I buy in the supermarket! Rice crispies go for P30 for a big pack. Chocolate chips (local) go for as low as P90/kilo. Marshmallows go for P30 for a huge pack, enough to make 10 dozen s'more cupcakes!

I've also seen some products that I've never used before. Goes to show how amateur I am with baking :-) The sales clerk wasn't very helpful and looked very bored manning the store. Yeah, she's gonna be selling a lot of items with her long face.

The store also offers cake boxes and assorted packaging materials for your baked goodies. Clingwrap sell for P50 for a 30meter box. Good buy.

Bake Masters offer short courses in baking such as yeast breads, quick breads, pies, tarts, pastries cakes, cake decoration, desserts, sugar work and meat processing. The classes vary from month to month. I was told by the sales person that classes only commence when they have signed up at least 8 students per class.

This month of June, they offer classic European baking, quick and easy cooking and basic cake decorating and assembly. The latter costs P2,000. Barring the unhelpful sales clerk, I've signed up for it but I guess no one else has :-( With the sales clerk's attitude, I'm not surprised why no one even bothered to sign up. Duh.

For inquiries on their upcoming short courses, you may call 828-51-23 or 829-69-49. Bake Masters is located at Unit ABC, No 8415 Dr. A. Santos Ave. (aka Sucat Road), Paranaque City.


Socky said...

I saw this store on my way home to casimiro last saturday. Now that you tell me they sell walnuts etc., I'll definitely drop by for my weekly supply.

ericbau said...

The only disadvantage on their location is its hard to reach the store coming from BF, if you strictly follow the posted traffic rules, since you'll have to make the U-turn at the east service road side!

Per the (bored-looking) sales clerk, a lot of their customers just cut across, counter-flow, or reverse-drive into their parking area.

Good luck. =)

Emerlina said...

Thank you so much for sharing the telephone numbers for bake masters! I didn't know they sell cheaper goodies. I've always bought from Carla's Confectionery, which is across Sta. Grove/Shopwise for convenience. Bake masters is definitely cheaper! I buy my choco chips from Carla's at Php120 and I don't even remember if that's for one kilo!Thanks again!