Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Sarap Mag Shopping

When I shop, I try to purchase organic salad greens as much as possible. They cost the same as the pesticide ridden variety anyway. One drawback of that is that they don't come pre-washed like most of their their salad-in-a-bag counterparts. I wanted to buy a small, cheap salad spinner so that I don't have to dry the salad greens in paper towels. The ones that I see from Gourdo's, Ace hardware, Cooks Exchange and Rustan's are far too expensive, mostly ranging from P1,200 to P2,000+. Haller, I'm not looking for a designer type salad spinner na may entertainment value no! I just need the utilitarian variety.

Last week, I went on a shopping trip to Makati, after all, it is the center of all shopping centers here in Manila. I'm bound to find a cheaper alternative there. Wearing my most comfy shoes, I brace myself for a day of bargain hunting. I hitched a ride with hubby on his way to work so that I don't have to drive nor park. I started my hunt at SM Makati. Within five minutes, I found exactly what I was looking for. A small, plastic, salad spinner worth P229. Sweet. But what I am to do the rest of the day?

I started browsing around and came upon a baker's corner inside SM. I almost squealed out of sheer excitement. In that nifty little corner sat rows and rows of fondant icing itching to be rolled out and shaped, instant multi-colored icing with their own piping tips, cake stands, sprinkles in every size, shape and color imaginable, revolving cake stands, tilting cake stands, cake carriers, cookie molds, chocolate molds, cake decorating kits, piping tips of every size and shape, themed decorative cake candles, high end vanilla extract, cake pans, cake racks, cupcake trees, cupcake stands and a cornucopia or gadgets for propping up a multi-layer cake to rolling out dough to punching out fondant to figurines for your cake. OMG, my head was spinning. I wanted to buy every single item there. Whew!

Gadget wise, It's better than Cook's Exchange. And the service was excellent. All the sales people were very helpful and courteous.

I figured since I saved so much money on the salad spinner, I could indulge in one little item. I ended up buying three. I decided to purchase a Wilton revolving cake stand for P650 and I saw some generic muffin tins that would fit my oven (P100 each, what a steal). (Picture courtesy of wilton.com)

If you're in the area and if you love to bake, check out SM Makati, houseware section. You'll probably squeal with delight too.


carol said...

I loooove Wilton stuff, and I adore this section in SM. Though I hardly bake, I got lotsa cutesy stuff here: a cupcake stand, a lollipop stand, those long and slim sparkler candles and thematic candymolds. This is also an excellent place for gifts for kids, as they have gummy candy and lollipop-making sets.

I also like shopping in SM Makati because the merchandise is well displayed and seems to be more attractive here than in other branches.

Leica said...

You betcha, Can't wait to go back. I have my eye on a Wilton dessert carrier :-)

ericbau said...

Hello from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia!
We are so lucky in the Philippines to have these items readily on sale in our malls. Try finding a shop, let alone an aisle in a supermarket or department store, that offers the same selections as in the picture, and you just might be the luckiest baker in Kuala Lumpur!

Anyway, coming back home soon. Cant wait! =)