Friday, June 1, 2007

A Constant Quest for Restful Sleep

Hubby had in many occasions complained about our pillows. I've already bought some new ones but he still didn't like them. This time, he saw a "new age" type of pillow that follows the contour of your head with ultra fine Powder Beads TM encased in a titanium weave covering. It's called the double chamber MOGU Pillow.

The little beads were created in 2000 by Japanese businessman Yoshinobu Ishida, president of Ebisukasei Inc., a humanitarian and environmentally conscious manufacturing company in Osaka, Japan. The beads are created from recycled beads left over from making bike helmets.

The MOGU Pillow claims that the patented ultra fine Powder Beads offer a first-ever experience in super soft and supportive sleep technology.

Unlike traditional pillow fillings or foam, the MOGU pillow offers a fluid like support that alleviates pressure and stress to the neck and shoulders. The ideal sleeping posture is your standing posture, inverted horizontally. This pillow makes it possible to maintain the natural S-line of the neck from the standing position. The pillow reacts to your head movements during sleep, relieving the pressure from your neck and shoulders.

The actual titanium in the fabric's weave, distribute heat, resulting in a cool, restful night sleep. The pillows also come with their own terry cloth pillow case for added comfort and coolness.

My husband was already sold to the idea. I wasn't but I give in anyway. I would like to test its veracity for myself.

I was very pleased with the results. First, the beads really do adjust to natural curvature of your neck, shoulders and head. Second, the beads are very soft and pleasant and very nice to squish and punch. Thirdly, and most importantly, the neck and back pain that I normally get from sleeping have been somewhat alleviated (not completely yet). Hubby is very very pleased with it. His snores prove it.

The double chamber MOGU Pillow is available, buy one take one, for P3,200 at Sleepcare in Glorietta, near Home Zone.

Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.


ericbau said...

A small step in the never-ending quest for restful sleep.

Now if we can only afford that super-high-end mattress from France made from (among other things) horse hair. =)

Socky said...

I think I'll switch to this pillow. Mine are feather pillows and I just found out you're supposed to throw it away after a year! Just when it already has followed the contour of my neck/head and has become really comfortable. The feather pillows are priced just as much as the Mogu.

Leica said...

We highly recommend it. There were only a few left when we bought it the other day. Hope you can get some.

Be@rbrick Lover: said...

What a 'sosy' pillow! Juan & I change pillows every year so I will check these out next time...