Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taipei 101

It's the quintessential Taipei experience. Going up the 89th viewing deck of the tallest man-made structure in the whole of Taiwan. The Taipei 101.

It was rainy and foggy during our entire stay in Taipei, but, it did not detract us from appreciating the view from the 89th floor. It was too cloudy for pictures but the sights were amazing nonetheless.

Taipei 101 has the fastest elevator in the world. It took only 40 seconds to reach the top. whew, my ears!

Taipei 101 also, has the only damper available for public viewing. My nerdy Hubby couldn't help himself, he explained to me how it works. Gist of which is that the huge golden ball (known as the damper), balances the building when the earth is moving. It prevents the building from toppling over. Lasers around the damper provide exact measurements of its movements so that scientists and building administrators can study the damper's movements and the earth's behavior. Taipei 101 sits in an earthquake zone, it's pretty brave to build a building in such conditions. Hence, the damper.

Taipei 101 has a Mascot called Baby Damper. So cute.

 To get to Taipei 101: take the Nangang Line (Blue Line) to Taipei City Hall, exit 2. There are free shuttle buses every few minutes.

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