Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congo Grille

It was my first day since arriving from Hong Kong. I overslept out of sheer exhaustion from endless walking around Hong Kong. Love eeeeet!

I wanted to eat Filipino food since I haven't had any for the past four days. We decided to eat at Congo Grille in Westgate Alabang since it's so near S&R where I wanted to shop for meats and other goodies. Congo Grille is quite affordable too.

Hubby and I were both on holiday and we wanted to have lunch outside the house, a semi-date, if you will.

We ordered quite a lot. Yes, for just the two of us. And yes, there were no left overs. Ha ha ha.

We ordered Pork Binagoongan, which was quite nice, despite the fact that it doesn't have too much bagoong (shrimp paste) in it. Binagoongan is one of my favorite dishes, but it's very bad for me. He he he.

Next up, we ordered some freshly grilled squid (without stuffing). The squid was very tender and succulent. The trick in cooking it is to cook it quickly, to prevent it from becoming rubbery and tough.

Hubby wanted to have some soup, so we ordered the Shrimp Sinigang (sour broth). Hubby loves sinigang. The more sour the better.

For dessert, Hubby ordered the Congo Mango, layers of cream and mango bits in a graham base. This one's good, not too sweet.

For dessert, I had Leche Flan (egg custard) but it was waaaaay too sweet, won't be ordering that again.

Filipino comfort food. Yeah, just what I need after a nice and tiring trip abroad.

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