Friday, December 30, 2011

SOGO Food Court

Back to blogging about Taipei. For our second day, Hubby and I decided to sleep in, because the weather was so cold outside and the shops tend to open late, around 11 am.

We had brunch at the SOGO food court, near our hotel. The food court is typical to most Asian mall food courts, plenty of choices, mostly Asian dishes. We opted to order some soup since it was cold and we needed something to warm us up a bit.

We got some noodles from this store, freshly prepared and piping hot!

I ordered some Shrimp Noodle Soup.

Hubby had some Beef Noodle Soup with vegetable siding.

I wasn't too happy with my noodles (hey, after eating at Din Tai Fung, my expectations were way up high). I looked for some steamed dumplings in the food court. Lo and behold, there were none from the stalls. Maybe because there's a Din Tai Fung Restaurant on the same floor! I  settled for fried dumplings with some pickled cucumbers. I love the pickled cucmbers, sweet, tangy, a bit spicy and so refreshing.

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