Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Deja Vu Hotel, Taipei

This is the first of many blogs about Taipei. I hope I can squeeze in a lot of blog entries during this super busy Christmas season.

Hubby and I stayed in Deja VU Hotel, in the Zhongzheng district. What I love about this hotel is its excellent location. It's walking distance from two SOGO malls and just a hop away from the MRT, Fuxing station, Exit 1. The airport bus is also near, just across SOGO (the green one).

The hotel also is within walking distance from Da-an district which has a lot of interesting restaurant, boutiques, street food stalls and a healthy smattering of branded retail stores.

The hotel itself is old, dated and small. Deja Vu Hotel consists consists of two buildings joined together to become one hotel. The flooring is "multi-level" to say the least. That's a bit weird even for me.

The rooms are small, but clean. Ours had a queen-sized bed, TV, desk and a chaise. I love the Butler coat rack.

We got the room at the end of the hall, which has the escape sling, hidden inside the curtains. First time I've seen one, frankly. I have no idea how it works. Hubby explained it to me, but I did not pay attention, he he he.

The bathroom was generously sized with two showers. Not really sure why that is so. There are some basic toiletries, but I suggest you bring your own.

I read some reviews prior to checking in that there are mosquitos in the hotel. I brought my trusty electric mosquito repeller, just in case. I only saw one in our room and one in the restaurant. Other than that, I was bite-free.

For Deja Vu's location, cleanliness and proximity to the airport bus station, we would most likely stay there again. I wouldn't suggest it for company trips though, since it's quite old, and not "swanky" enough.


ericbau said...

One shower was inside the tub area, so that was more or less expected.

The really unexpected one was the fully functional shower outside the tub, without any defined shower area.

Talk about unique features...

ericbau said...

Oh, and by the way...

To use the escape sling, you'd have to break two sets of sliding windows with untempered glass on both.

Good luck not shredding your hands, knees and/or feet bloody in a real emergency...

Leica said...

I didn't realize that! What kind of an escape plan is that?!