Friday, December 30, 2011

Modern Toilet Restaurant

Ok, this Modern Toilet Restaurant is getting some buzz due to it's "uniqueness" and "gross factor". We went to the one in Ximending. Ximen station Exit 6. From there, I can't remember how we went to restaurant, what I remember though is that it's just a short walk from the MRT station.

The restaurant interior is all about the toilet and its accessories. Toilet seats for seat, glass tops cover tubs and bathrooms sinks and serve as tables. Showers hang on walls and serve as decorations or art.

Your food orders are placed in uhhhmm, body discharge receptacles and the like.

Orders are placed in the cashier. This lady here tried to explain to me how to order, but she hardly speaks english and I don't speak Mandarin. Again, lost in translation. But by sign language and a lot of pointing, I managed to order some food.

We ordered some pica-pica of French Fries, Mozzarella Sticks and a chocolate ice cream for Hubby. Our orders were placed in miniature squat toilets.

I ordered some tea as well, served in a miniature water closet.

Now, the food at Modern toilet is not that exceptional. Although I've read some good reviews on the Beef Rice Bowl, we didn't try it because were still quite full when we arrived at the restaurant. My stomach isn't as accommodating as it was in my teens, he he he.

My experience in modern toilet restaurant is ok, a nice novelty experience but I won't be coming back again. Unless, I'm trying to gross out other friends.

Modern Toilet Restaurant's real bathroom facilities are anything but modern, or clean. Ugh, just thinking about it makes me wanna hurl my breakfast.

I don't usually get grossed out but, but moist, dirty and smelly squat toilets are nasty. Ugh.

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