Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More Street Food in Hong Kong

My first trip in Hong Kong with Hubby, was many years back. I remember chancing upon a food stall in the Jordan area that serves some sort of Takoyaki balls (fried cuttlefish balls). It was very good and silly me, I did not pay attention which stall I got it from.

During my trip (with company peers) last week, I chanced upon a stall that sells Takoyaki balls. It had the same components as my first Takoyaki meal, Japanese mayonnaise, sweet sauce and some shredded nori. I eagerly coughed up HKD15 and gave it a try, hoping to get the same happy feeling I once got when I had my first Takoyaki meal many years back. Unfortunately though, this one's not very good. Something's missing from the sauce.

Anyway, I had fun watching people, from all walks of life, some in their heels and designer bags. Some wearing worker clothes and people speaking in a myriad of languages.

Street food draws everyone. Regardless where you came from :-) A common happy, comfortable ground for all nationalities and social background.

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