Monday, October 26, 2009

My midnight foray in the kitchen

I felt like a stranger in my own kitchen. I haven't done any serious cooking lately and I find it so frustrating that my kitchen has been re-arranged/"organized" by my housekeeper and I couldn't find anything! It took me almost five minutes to look for the salad spinner and it was waaaaaay up in the cupboard with the "baking stuff". First, I had to look for a stool so that I can see the contents of my rarely opened cupboard, then, I had to shuffle some baking tins and paraphernalia to get to the friggin' spinner.

Why are cupboards so high anyway?

The real question probably is: Why did I stop growing at age twelve? :-)


ericbau said...

To be cute??

Obviously, I'm way biased here.

Leica said...

thanks hubby, labyu :-)