Saturday, October 3, 2009

Healthy Spring Roll

Hubby was ordered by his doctors (yes, plural) to lose the spare tire hanging around his mid-section for the past ten years or so. I get part of the blame for contributing to that. Doctors' orders, low fat high fiber diet. That means so more fried stuff, less pork and chicharon should be obliterated from our grocery list (dang!).

I think that we've made some progress already with hubby's eating habits. We've lessened our pork intake by 85% (yes, I used a calculator to compute that). Pork will be consumed only once a week, reserved for family lunches at LP. Fortunately, hubby's doing his best to adhere to my "plan".

Hubby likes fresh spring rolls. This is my simple, no fuss version:

Rice paper
Cucumber, julienned
Crab sticks
Carrots, jullienned
Bunch of cilantro

1. Soak the rice paper in warm water, when soft, remove from water and lie flat in a kitchen towel.
2. Add the filling to rice paper and wrap like an envelope. Roll. Slice diagonally in half.

I did not make any dipping sauce with this because hubby prefers spring rolls without it. A peanut dipping sauce will be a great accompaniment.

The spring rolls turned out great. The little buggers are a little tricky to roll at first but I think they turned out fine, after I've sliced them in half to expose the colorful filling. The spring rolls just need a bit of salt after you've had your fifth. Other than that, they were huge hit with hubby.

Some mint leaves inside the spring roll will also provide an extra zing to this dish.

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