Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dining al Fresco.. at lunchtime!

It was pleasant overcast afternoon in Makati. I couldn't resist eating al Fresco at Glorietta 5. My friends and I went for a short shopping expedition during our lunch break. Since I've already bought the item that I was looking for just within ten minutes of getting off the cab, I had plenty of time to wander around the mall by myself while the rest wandered off by themselves to shop.

I wasn't particularly hungry but the lovely weather urged me to sit down at the verandah and enjoy the breezes. I decided to have a light lunch at The Soup Kitchen. I ordered their combo meal of half soup and half sandwich, which was more than enough to fill me up.

I had the she crab soup, it's creamy and tomato-ey kind of soup with imitation crabs and chopped onions. Not very impressive. Maybe I'll try the clam chowder next time.

I also had half a ham sandwich, which was nice. It's got moyannaise on it, I can't believe how much I miss having mayonnaise in my sandwich!

The soup kitchen has a wide variety of dishes on their menu. Their soup specials change daily.

The Soup Kitchen also offers a wide variety of breads for your sandwiches, you have a choice of brown, raisin, herb, cinnamon pecan, strawberry, honey oak (now that seems interesting for a crab and mango sandwich, oh sorry, I'm daydreaming again). I may have to go back to The soup Kitchen to try their specialty sandwiches next time.

The weather was so perfect, I'm glad that I ventured out of the office for a short while to enjoy it.


dyosa said...

Stumbled upon your blog.

I miss Soup Kitchen! There was a time when I dined in Soup Kitchen everyday for a month. :-)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

I love SOUP KITCHEN too! My order would always be chili soup with wheat bread! :D

Leica said...

Hi. I tried the chili con carne soup with my best friend and I liked that too specially with lots of cheese :-)

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

@leica: yeah.. so yummy with their soft wheat roll :) i wanna try their other soup though, since it's always chili for me.. my comfort food!!

their sandwiches are nice too but since i don;t like mayo, i seldom order it. i hope they can have an option to customize our own sandwich :D