Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet Grilled Tikoy?

Sweet grilled tikoy? 

Seemes like it when we passed this store in Ximending. I'm not really sure what it was made up of, but it looked like tikoy to us. We cant read Mandarin so we cant really tell what is is. Anybody out there who can help? :-) We were intrigued about this dessert. People were lining up to get one.

It seemed that the tikoy, after being sliced in rectangles, are placed on sticks and  grilled until they puff up and turn a bit golden. I noticed that the server puts a bit of pressure to the tikoy as they grill, probably to help get that golden brown color and to help puff it up a little bit.

Several sauces are available for you to choose from. There is peanut sauce, cheese sauce, green tea, chocolate and a few others that I did not catch very well. Language barrier.

I was the first one to try, I got peanut and cheese sauce. I know it sounds funky together but the flavors really compliment each other, sweet, salty and sticky :-) I love it.

Hubby on the other hand, took a bite from what I ordered, loved it too and bought one for himself. He got the one drenched in chocolate. He loved it so much, he ordered another one. I think he would probably order another one if I didn't remind him that there were more treats to be discovered.

I love discovering places like these. We would definitely go back to that stall upon our return to Ximending, Taipei.

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