Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Bubble Tea at Ximending

After a shared bowl of miswa noodles, Hubby and I were craving for something sweet and cold to wash down the salt of the noodles. You guessed it, we made a beeline for the bubble tea!

We found this stall just beside the noodle shop. They sell a variety of bubble tea, coffee and fruit smoothies.

My order somehow got lost in translation and I was given a cup of very hot bubble tea instead.  I've never had hot bubble tea before nor I did ever used a huge straw to drink something hot until that moment. Wow, a lot of firsts in one store!

The hot bubble tea was surprisingly good and with the rainy weather, my bubble tea got really cold, really fast.

I guess even the point-what-you-want-to-order system doesn't always work ;-) Actually though, I'm glad she gave me the wrong order. I liked it and I'm kinda craving for one now.

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