Saturday, January 21, 2012

Kao Chi Restaurant, Zhongxiao Fuxing, Taipei

Kao Chi  is restaurant established in 1950 that serves traditional Chinese cuisine. It says so in their signage, he he he. The restaurant is conveniently located just a few steps from our hotel. We were intrigued by the braised pork photo in their menu, which was posted outside the restaurant.

Before we get to the Braised Pork, Hubby and I tried the Siomai. Now, as I mentioned in my previous posts, Din Tai Fung is the gold standard in terms of food. The siomai is no exception. However though, Kao Chi tastes pretty decent . The wrapper is a bit thick though.

Aside from the siomai, Hubby and I ordered some Tofu with vegetables. Sorry, forgot what it was called. It wasn't very good, that much I remember. Will not be ordering that again.

We also ordered some fried rice, which was delicious and the flavors from the shrimps and vegetables were spot on.

And the star of the night, the Braised Pork. The Braised Pork is like pork asado raised to the tenth level. The pork was so tender, the sauce was sweet and just a tad salty, the cilantro and the shredded leeks balance it off beautifully. The Braised Pork is served in Mantau bread (like siopao bread). 

 So good. Can you tell which ones I'm ordering again next time? :-)

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