Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sophisca Goodies Store

While browsing through the streets of Ximending, we chanced upon Sophisca. I was drawn to the colorful stockings, Christmas baskets and other cutesy Christmas goodies that were on display. I literally felt like a kid in a candy store.

Candies everywhere! I couldn't decide which ones to buy. I wanted to buy all of them and give them away for gifts. Too cute.

I settled for just buying three Christmas stockings. One for each of the punks. Pink for Jessica, red for Ashley and a blue one for Jayjay.

I wanted to buy one of each and maybe try to duplicate them for Christmas giveaways for next Christmas.  Oh wait, I can't sew. Ha ha ha.

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DollHouse said...

My daughter and I ordered a dress from Doll House which was to be custom made. I placed the order on a Monday and was surprised to get a phone call the following Monday to say the dress had arrived it only took eight 8 days. I took the dress home and when I put the dress on my daughter, I realized that had just altered the dress (in store) and found pins still in the side seams. I was so disgusted with their lie when confronted they would not talk to me or acknowledge what they had done. To all you mum’s out there DON’T BUY FROM DOLL HOUSE.