Thursday, January 19, 2012

Exploring Streetfood at Zhongxiao Fuxing, Taipei

Deja Vu Hotel, where we stayed in Taipei has a really nice location. The hotel is within walking distance to two SOGO malls, near an MRT station and most of all, near restaurants and stalls that sell street food.

One night, Hubby and I explored the nearby streets, what else for, but to hunt for street food! Taipei is so famous for it's food, it's only natural to explore what the street vendors are offering, right? I took a photo of the street sign, just in case we may want to come back. Sorry for the blurry photo, it was mighty cold and my hands were shaking!

We came upon this stall, located in a street that abound with all kinds of food. Since we can't speak nor read Mandarin, we christened it Mang Johnny's. Hubby said it looked like a Mang Johnny's place. So Mang Johnny's it is. They serve a variety of soups and other goodies. In a street teeming with small stalls selling a huge variety of street food, Mang Johnny had the most people.

Hubby tried the Beef Noodle Soup. It was good and the meat was so tender. The soup of course cannot be matched with Din Tai Fung's, but Mang Johnny's can hold its own. No one speaks English and there is no English menu anywhere so, it's a point-with-your-finger-and- hand-signal type of ordering system.

I ordered the tofu and century egg with a sweet brown sauce. This is also a very nice combination. At first it looked like it's not going to be good, but combining the tofu with the egg and with the sweet salty sauce, they just work well together.

We noticed also that none of the stalls sell sodas. NONE. At that point, we thought that it might be illegal to consume soda in a public place, ha ha ha. I guess the people from Taipei really prefer tea over sodas or water.

For dessert, we had Green Tea Bubble Tea from Share Tea. I've tasted Share Tea before in Hong Kong and I liked it very much. Hubby, upon trying it, also loved it. It's his favorite bubble tea place in Taipei.

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