Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dimsum Food Tripping at King Bee

After a trip to the dentist and few errands today, Hubby and I made a beeline to King Bee Chinese Restaurant at Daang Hari, Alabang for some good yet affordable dimsum.

Bird's Eye Siomai with shrimps, carrots and just a tini tiny sprinkling of onion leaves. This is my favorite.

Chicken Feet stewed in a mild chili sauce. One of my favorites as well. There is a Fear Factor element with the way it looks, but it's really good.

Shrimp Hakaw. Hubby's favorite. Yummy!

Pork Siomai. A staple in any dimsum feast, at least in Manila.

Sea King Roll, fillet of fish (cream dory?), with shitake mushrooms, kani wrapped in steamed pechay leaves. Delicious as well and very filling.

Tao Pey or bean curd roll. ground pork with some shredded lettuce and sotanghon (although ours didn't have any, not sure if they forgot or what). This Tao Pey is very filling. Best shared by three.

Pigging out on dimsum at King Bee with Hubby is so much fun. I'm so full. I had to walk the dogs to burn off some of the calories.

Now, time to sleep it off. Ha ha ha!

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