Friday, April 1, 2011

"B" is for Baby, Buntis and Blue Cupcakes!

Pregnancy always comes in threes in our office :-) This is the second time that three ladies became pregnant all at the same time.

We decided to dress up the office verandah with some buntings, posters and little birdies hanging on the plants for a baby shower in honor of the three lovely mommies who are about give birth.

Even all our food started with the letter "B", for thematic effect. We had Biko, Bibingka. Bam-I, Butchie, Bulilit Burgers, Bilo-Bilo and Barbecue.

I made the blue cupcakes (of course) with bulaklak (flower in Tagalog) and butterfly decorations, the white chocolate bears, bunnies, bibe (duck in Tagalog) we made by my co-worker, crafter extra ordinaire, C.

We had to plan and execute all the food and decorations behind the preggies' backs (that sounds sinister, ha ha ha). We hid the festivities in the guise of a "staff meeting". They fell for it, hook line and sinker :-)

Can you believe that this is the first ever baby shower that I attended?

I wonder if the next one will be mine ;-) Ha ha ha!

Just wishful thinking ........


Gigie said...

hi leica, have you heard of dr. pastorfide? might be of help...good luck!

Leica said...

Yup, I think somebody told us about him.He's so good daw that you (as an expectant mom)can choose the sex of your baby. Is that true? :-) So far it's heresay and I cannot verify that :-)

Random Possum said...

awww...saya!!! hehe at least i'm present on the menu (butchie) :-)

Leica said...

Yup, naalala kita talaga :-) Miss you!