Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sanctuario - Robinson's Summit Tagaytay

When Hubby and I often try out new restaurants that were, let's just say, below our personal palatable standards, we just console ourselves by adding that particular restaurant on the 'WHERE NOT TO EAT" list. Most of those failed restaurants never make it out on this blog.
However, I would like to write a simple review for Sanctuario, located at Robinson's Summit in Tagaytay.

If I were you, I wouldn't bother eating at Sanctuario.

Why you ask? Just look all the things that we ordered last night. None, I mean none tasted good. None.

Sanctuario can't even do french fries properly, it was soggy, unseasoned and the dipping sauce was rancid!

Lechon Kawali was soggy and had no taste. There is no exaggeration, I swear. How can you mess up fried pork?

Bulalo in Tagaytay is always good, right? In Santuario, it tasted like boiled water. I mean, how can it taste like boiled water when they stewed the bulalo for hours? I just can't fathom how they managed to do that.

Binagoongan? Ugh! The meat was tough and just awfully bland.

The Bangus Carbonara? Malansa and so devoid of sauce. I wanted to puke.

Chicken Barbecue was raw when it was served, when we returned it to be well done, there was no change in taste even if it was smothered in sauce! How can that be?

The sauce on the suman, was bitter. The mangoes were over ripe and the mangoes looked like they passed through a wrestler's knife.

After shelling out a few thousand pesos on a worthless, tasteless and awful meal, all of us had nothing good to say about our meal at Sanctuario.

My mom and I looked at each other and said in unision "Lutong Tamad" (lazy cooking in English). We felt that there was no effort made in making our meal.

Personally, I will never, ever eat at Sanctuario again.

Despite what you might think, I am not a picky eater, nor am I snooty when it comes to simple food (I often cook food with five ingredients or less). However, when I encounter those rare restaurants that I feel are robbing me off of a few thousand pesos on a single meal, while giving me crappy food, I really get annoyed. Wouldn't you?


Random Possum said...

Gross!!! Ang weird ang looks ng mga ulam especially the kawali and binagoonggan. Anovayan lola...ipasara ang resto ora mismo!!!

mrslovey said...

I ordered pasta bulalo when we tried sanctuario and i agree. lutong tamad nga. its the greasiest pasta i have ever tasted. not goin back either

Leica said...
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Leica said...

I was compelled to write a review about Sanctuario because I felt robbed of the few thousand pesos that we spent paying for really lousy food.

My mom said that Sanctuario was the worst restaurant she has eaten in. Buti pa daw and carinderia, mas masarap pa.