Sunday, April 10, 2011

Uncle Cheffy

I remember while growing up, Sundays were sacred family days. We always have lunch at my grandmother's place and she would cook really fantastic and sometimes unusual dishes. Have you had brown spaghetti with quail eggs? Bet you haven't! It's actually sooooo good. I'll think I'll whip up one and bring to the office for baon. People might freak out when they see it. Ha ha ha.

Anyway, we had our usual Sunday family lunch at our house. My brother, his kids and my mom arrived to share a simple meal with us. I did not take a picture of our meal because we just had crabs, vegetable lumpia and sinigang which I featured countless times here on my blog.

After lunch, we all decided to take a short road trip to Nuvali to feed the koi and to pry away the two kids from the X Box which seemed to have taken over their summer vacation time lately. To quote my nephew: "Ninang, I'm always thinking of playing X Box, even when I'm eating. I can't stop thinking about it." See? Drastic measures have to be taken to let them enjoy other activities other than playing with that machine.

We purchased a few bags of koi feed at Nuvali and fed the koi until we ran out. After feeding the koi, we had and early dinner at Uncle Cheffy. None of us have ever tried it, so we were all game and "adventurous". Uncle Cheffy's specialty is the Panizza, a thin crust pizza baked in a wood-fired oven. Hence, the firewood decor you see on the walls. We arrived quite early that's why the place wasn't full yet.

We tried two kinds of panizza. The first one is the Seafood Lovers Panizza, with prawns, squid and a host of other goodies:

We also tried the All Meat Barbecue Panizza with grilled chicken and what seemed like pulled pork and pulled beef..

All Panizzas are served with alfalfa sprouts, lettuce leaves and some chopped tomatoes. The panizza is eaten like a soft taco. The panizza, is used like a tortilla, you add the veggies and roll it. It's similar to the Dear Darla PIzza from Yellow Cab.

We liked both orders of the panizzas. My nephew JJ even requested for another order of the All Meat Barbecue Panizza.

We also ordered the Spaghetti Alejandro. I have no picture of the Spaghetti Alejandro because the two kids devoured it as soon as it was laid on the table :-) The kids said that it was good. Look at my niece Ashley, she ate every single noodle. So cute with all that spaghetti sauce in her mouth :-)

We also ordered a family-sized Memphis Barbecue Ribs. It was huge enough to feed all of us. However, the meat was dry, even though the meat was falling off the bone.

Hubby and I also shared an Ube (purple yam) Panacotta. It was not bad, the ube sauce tasted a bit medicinal/chemical (?). The panna cotta itself was light yet creamy.

Overall, we would definitely come back to Uncle Cheffy for the Panizzas. Uncle Cheffy is quite reasonably priced as well, so that's a plus :-)

The best part of eating out though was the company :-)

Hope you had a nice weekend too!


Socky said...

Ang cute talaga ni Ashley. Pero parang pumayat. Maybe she's growing up fast.

Leica said...

Ashley's gotten a lot taller na talaga. Ang cute cute :-)