Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love this house

I've only seen snippets of The Secret Garden Kdrama (Korean Drama), but I just fell in love with the lead character's home featured in it. I saved the photos in my desktop for reference or for visual pegs for our dream home, to be built somewhere, someday.

This home, isn't actually home, but one of Korea’s research center for a make-up and health food company.

I'd like to share my favorite parts of the home. I love the modern architecture of the building's structure. Can you imagine if there were swans in the pond there? Oh, it's going to be so lovely when you wake up every morning!

I am also loving the wide open layout with large glass walls. I would probably furnish my home a little less clinical though and with more warm tones. The house sits in acres and acres of private land with probably a few thousand trees surrounding it. That's why the glass walls work, because there are no nosy neighbors! :-)

Below is the curved banister leading up to the loft bedroom. Love love love it. Look at the curved balcony in the bedroom, super like. Imagine, waking up and looking outside or looking down in your living room. OMG, I'm on daydreaming mode again! :-)

Oh my gosh, I can't wait to build one!

Oh Lotto gods, hear my calls! :-)

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