Sunday, April 3, 2011

Le Souk - Greek Food in BF

Hubby and I just got back from dinner. There seems to be quite a few new restaurants popping up in BF. We've been trying them out one by one. This weekend though, we tried Le Souk, located along Aguirre Avenue.

We had no idea what kind of cuisine Le Souk offered until we came in. Turned out, Le Souk is a Greek restaurant that doubles as a pub. We've passed Le Souk several times and the place never seemed full, maybe because the place is quite big (there's a even second floor dining area) with just a few parking spaces in front.

For starters, Hubby and I tried the dips of Hummus and Babaganoush. Both were surprisingly good. The pita bread were freshly grilled and quite soft.

Upon the recommendation of the waiter, I tried the Speacial Chelo. The Special Chelo is made with grilled ground chicken, shaped like a long sausage, served with butter rice and a side of grilled onion and tomato. I was flabbergasted when my order arrived! There was a huge chunk of butter plopped right on top of my rice. It was heart attack waiting to happen! I wasn't very happy with how this dish turned out. The chicken was very dry and who eats a huge chunk of grilled onion anyway? The butter on top of my rice wasn't even the good quality one (the butter suspiciously tastes like margarine). No, I did not eat the butter, ugh! I won't never EVER order this again. Did I say, never ever? :-)

Hubby had the Grilled Beef Shawarma, which he really liked. The beef was tender and juicy. The shawarma also had a lot of cucumbers and tomatoes which he liked as well.

Hubby also ordered Fish and Chips. It wasn't bad, but quite oily. I ended up eating a few pieces instead of my Special Chelo. The Fish and Chips gave me a headache after though.

After dinner, I promptly called up my housekeeper and asked for a glass of calamansi juice to neutralize all that fat! I drank it as soon as I got home.

To summarize, Le Souk's Hummus and Babaganoush dips were good and worth trying again, the Beef Shawarma was good as well (according to Hubby). The Special Chelo wasn't appetizing (in my personal opinion) and I feel should be improved in terms of taste to be truly called "special". I also hope, for the betterment of humanity, to never subject another human being to seeing that much fake butter plopped on top of their rice. Just sayin' ;-)

The waiters were not very knowledgeable when it came to the menu. The response time is slow too, despite the place not being full.

Jury's still out on this one. Le Souk is probably best for drinks rather than a dining destination.

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